Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 13, 2012

Modernization will carry a big price tag in the Pentagon’s FY2013 budget proposal. (File photo / U.S. Air Force)


Pentagon To Request $179 Billion In Modernization For FY2013 — Defense News

The U.S. Defense Department on Feb. 13 will ask Congress to approve a fiscal 2013 budget request that includes $47.6 billion to buy new fighters jets, tankers, helicopters and cargo planes, according to the document obtained by Defense News.

That money for aviation is part of an overall modernization request that includes $179 billion to buy and develop aircraft, ships, vehicles, missiles and satellites.

The modernization portion of the budget includes procurement — $109 billion — and research and development (R&D) — $69.7 billion. The total is $25 billion less than the Pentagon asked lawmakers to approve for modernization in 2012. That’s a decline of 12 percent.



Pardo probed US reaction to unilateral Iran strike — Jerusalem Post

IDF to ground warplanes, freeze Iron Dome production over budget woes — Haaretz

Russia Dock Fire Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads – Newspaper — RIA Novosti

Pakistani Navy to Develop Nuclear-Powered Submarines: Reports — Defense News

Britain’s Military top brass being protected from cuts, Labour says — The Guardian

Scandal as MoD reveal that Harriers were still being upgraded when they were sold for parts to the US — Daily Mail

Russia to Increase Number of 5G Fighters in Test Flights — RIA Novosti

Boeing Refines Plans For Korea — Ares/Aviation Week

Saudi Arabia, Boeing Strike Deal for 36 AH-6i
— Defense News

Brazil’s Rousseff leaning strongly towards Rafale
— Ares/Aviation Week

Brazil jets deal heats up as Boeing freezes bid
— Reuters

Italy widely expected to scale back F-35 orders — Reuters

Italy F-35 Cuts Announcement Possible This Week — Defense News

U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf — Yahoo News/Reuters

China develops sub-launched long-range N-missile — Tribune India

U.S. Navy unit relocates to Kyrgyzstan
— Dvids

US gambles on special forces in Afghanistan strategy — Yahoo News.AFP

US Admiral Says Forces Prepared to Confront Iran —

10 Ships for U.S. Navy in New Budget — Defense News

Navy Fires USS Cowpens CO —

9 years after leaving Army, veteran mistakenly declared AWOL is arrested, jailed — Stars and Stripes

Schools on military bases could close under defense cuts — USA Today

Going green is the US Navy’s goal at Guantanamo — Stars and Stripes

A cyber risk to the U.S. — Washington Post editorial

How U.S.’ Top Killers Became Its Top (Unaccountable) Spies — Danger Room


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