Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 28, 2012

Major Mike Rountree, (Center) a marine fighter attack training officer, shows naval flight students a U.S. Marine F-35B Joint Strike Fighter Jet during a roll-out ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, February 24, 2012. Michael Spooneybarger / Reuters
Top Military Pilots Grounded By F-35 Mess — MSNBC

Questions about safety, cost overruns raise doubts about the entire program’s feasibility

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — The best fighter pilots from the Air Force, Marines and Navy arrived in the Florida Panhandle last year to learn to fly the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive, most advanced weapons program in U.S. history. They are still waiting.

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Global arms market hit $411 bn in 2010 — AFP

Arms Sales By the Top 100 Companies Worldwide Exceed $411 Billion — Ottawa Citizen

EU arms trade booming despite crisis — EU Observer

Kandahar Air Wing conducts first led air assault — Dvids

Russia Pledges to Repay Debt for Kyrgyz Base — RIA Novosti

No Need For Russian Air Base Says New Kyrgyz President
— RIA Novosti

Russia, Norway to Conduct Joint Naval Drills in May — RIA Novosti

Married British soldiers forced to leave Army accommodation as part of cuts to £318m housing bill — Daily Mail

Turkey restricts use of airspace by Israeli cargo planes — Haaretz

Israel plans for second F-35 squadron — UPI

North Korea Proclaims Right to Nuclear Weapons — Global Security Newswire

U.K. still short of some facts on the F-35 decision — Eric Palmer blog

U.S. eyes V-22 aircraft sales to Israel, Canada, UAE — Reuters

Troubled Canadian submarines to be used until 2030 — CBC

U.S. general confirms defense shield radar site in Turkey — Seattle PI/AP

Army Eyes Allies To Lighten Combat Vehicle Load — Aol Defense

U.S. Army Rethinks Last Decade’s Force Redesign; Fewer Trucks Needed — Defense News

Army Keeps Humvee Fleet Alive, Presses Ahead With JLTV — Aol Defense

USAF Looking to Silicon Valley to Get its Innovation Mojo Back — Defense Tech

US general: missile defense on track — Times Argus/AP

Nuclear weapons modernization: not fast enough for Kyl — Washington Post

White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy — Washington Post

Five ships, carrier air wing return from deployment — North County Times

Gay Marine’s homecoming kiss goes viral
— Yahoo News/The Lookout

Military trial in Peace Corps rape case begins

Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Fort Hood Massacre — Scott Swett, American Thinker

Will Panetta Help Accused Army Traitor? — Noisy Room

Cultural Cluelessness Threatens U.S. Commando Strategy — David Axe, Danger Room

WikiLeaks publishes intelligence firm Stratfor’s hacked emails, but analysts question their value — Laura Rozen, The Envoy

Will future wars be fought with drones?
— Stephen Manual, All Voices

Is The F-35 Strike Fighter The Military Chevy Volt? — IBD Editorials


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