China`s Food Security Is (For China) A National Security Issue

Chinese Food Security May Be Motivating Investments In Africa — The Guardian

Future need to import more food a possible influence in China’s engagement with African agriculture, claims study.

China’s long-term motivation for investing in African farming could be to export food back to its home markets, a research paper from Standard Chartered bank has warned. The world’s largest country is more or less self-sufficient in grains, but within 20-30 years it is expected to need to import an extra 100m tonnes of food a year to meet the growing appetites of its middle classes.


My Comment: Getting out of the communist collective farm system has done wonders for China in feeding it`s people. But with greater wealth, the Chinese have now adopted a desire for a change in their diet …. more specifically …. a change to a grain-based Western diet. Establishing large commercial farming ventures in Africa is China’s way of laying the groundwork for developing markets and sources for importing foodstuffs …. a business and demand that will only expand and grow with time.


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