Syria`s Civil War Is Spilling Into Lebanon

Alawite-Sunni Fighting Erupts In Lebanon, 3 Killed — Euronews/Reuters

TRIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) – Three people were killed when fighting erupted overnight in the Lebanese city of Tripoli between members of the Alawite minority loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and members of the Sunni majority, witnesses and security officials said.

Rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles were used in the fighting in an Alawite enclave and surrounding Sunni neighbourhoods in the port city, 70 km (45 miles) north of Beirut.


More News On The Syrian Related Violence In Lebanon

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Several dead in clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli — Al Jazeera

My Comment: If Hezbollah becomes involved, then this conflict will quickly escalate into a Lebanese Sunni-Shiite civil war.


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