Mexicans Support Military Leading Fight Against Cartels

Majority Of Mexicans Support Military Leading Fight Against Cartels — Christian Science Monitor

The next president should include some military operations in his organized crime strategy, but focus on a transition back to civilian policing, writes guest blogger James Bosworth.

From El Universal and the Dallas Morning News:

64 percent approve of the Mexican military leading the fight against organized crime.

21 percent say the strategy is working.

The majority of the Mexican population isn’t angry that Calderon is using the military to fight organized crime. They’re angry that he’s done such a lousy job of it. This goes back to a criticism I’ve had of Mexico’s president since he first began sending military forces into combat in early 2007. Calderon has the will to fight but he doesn’t have a strategy to win.

For the next president, the goal is to find a successful strategy. That strategy should include some military operations in the short term, but a transition back to full civilian policing over the course of several years.


My Comment: I have friends that live in Quebec (Canada), and we had a similar (but smaller) drug war called The Biker Wars that went on for almost a decade (1994 – 2002). This conflict was only stopped when everyone of authority in these gangs were arrested and thrown in jail …. but more to the point …. their wealth and monies were seized. Grab the money and you will kill the life blood of any gang. I am sure that Mexico is doing the same thing …. but my suggestion to them is to redouble …. and then double again …. their efforts, and ready to spend the next decade doing so.


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