13 Hour Battle: 270 Taliban Dead. No U.S. Or Afghan Casulaties

Master Sgt. Rob Lee, left, Senior Airman Michael McCaffrey, center, and Tech. Sgt. Tavis Delaney coordinated airstrikes on attacking insurgents. Courtesy of Tech. Sgt. Tavis Delaney
TACP Airman Turned Tide Of 13-Hour Battle — Air Force Times

A tactical air control party member from the Washington National Guard is set to receive the Silver Star for his actions in a 13-hour battle in Afghanistan that left about 270 Taliban fighters dead, without a single U.S. or Afghan casualty.

Tech. Sgt. Tavis Delaney, a TACP with the 116th Air Support Observation Squadron, was with another TACP alongside an Army unit May 25 near Do Ab in the mountainous Nuristan province, when his group was ambushed. Pinned down and outnumbered by the large Taliban forces above, Delaney called in airstrikes from 14 airframes from all four services.


My Comment: A clear demonstration on what air power can do to concentrated enemy forces.


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