Afghanistan War News Updates — May 18, 2012

An injured U.S. soldier is pulled to cover during a firefight in Maiwand district of Kandahar province in April. Reuters
U.S. Redefines Afghan Success Before Conference — New York Times

WASHINGTON — Leaders of the NATO nations will meet in Chicago on Sunday to set in motion the massive machinery necessary to wind down the war in Afghanistan.

But even as American officials prepare a list of benchmarks they can cite as achieved in the war effort — expect to hear much about strategic partnership agreements and assurances that the Afghan people have not been abandoned — they acknowledge privately that the bar has been significantly lowered on how success in Afghanistan is defined after 11 years of combat.


More News On Afghanistan

Attacks by Taliban Rise in Surge Areas — Wall Street Journal
Rockets attacks in northeastern Afghanistan kill 2 NATO service members, 3 civilians — Washington Post/AP
2 NATO Troops Die in Attack in Afghanistan — Voice of America
Afghan attack: Seven killed in Farah compound raid — BBC
Insurgents storm governor’s office in western Afghanistan — Stars and Stripes/McClatchy News
Ready or not, Afghan security transfer accelerating — CNN
Allen: NATO Summit to Define ‘Vision’ for Afghanistan — US Department of Defense
NATO’s post-Afghanistan future unclear — CNN
Pacifists in the Crossfire: The Kabul Hospital That Treats All Comers — New York Times

An Afghan Governor’s Campaign to Win Over the Citizens of His Province — Carol Giacomo, New York Times
Assassination + more NATO killings = Death for peace talks? — Ashley Fantz, CNN
Crime and Punishment in Afghanistan — Tim Sullivan, Foreign Affairs
NATO’s undue optimism on Afghanistan — Ronald E. Neumann and Michael O’Hanlon, Washington Post
Afghanistan: Success or failure? — Al Jazeera


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