Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 23, 2012

Iran And UN Close To Deal On Nuclear Programme As World Powers Meet For Baghdad Talks — The Telegraph

Iran could be allowed to continue with its nuclear programme if it agrees to stop enriching uranium to a critical level from which it could quickly produce a nuclear weapon.

Western powers are ready drop demands for a complete halt to all Iran’s nuclear work, provided the regime pledges to halt uranium enrichment to the crucial 20 per cent threshold, The Daily Telegraph understands.

The proposal would be a key element of a compromise deal, to be discussed by leading world powers in Baghdad on Wednesday, that could also see Iran open up its secret military facilities to United Nations inspectors.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs

Iran and world powers meet hoping to silence ‘drums of war’ with nuclear talks
— The Telegraph

Pakistan Presses Ahead on Plutonium Reactor
— Global Security Newswire

Russia Has No Business in NATO Missile Defense – Polish MP
— RIA Novosti

U.S. Defense Department China Report Earns Reprimand From Beijing — Global Security Newswire

China Using Helicopter UAVs At Sea — Strategy Page

Turkey Says US Favorable to Sale of Armed Drones

Navy, MIT Grapple With Managing Drones On Dangerous Decks — Aol Defense

Why Russia Still Uses Film In Spy Satellites — Strategy Page

Russia’s military aircraft industry: overview and outlook — Russia & India report/Voice of Russia

Korea plans to ‘drastically’ beef up missile arsenal against NK — Korea Times

Senate Armed Services Committee Releases Report on Counterfeit Electronic Parts — Defpro

F-35B makes first flight at Eglin — DoD Buzz

Fake Parts are Everywhere
— Defense Tech

Special optics for the iPhone/iPad add military grade night vision for special ops — Slash Gear

Krasnovia’s angry little brothers — DoD Buzz

Army Wants Quick Virtual Terrain — Defense News

US Army more selective on recruits, re-enlistments — AP

CIA discloses names of 15 killed in line of duty — L.A. Times

Panetta To Embark on Weeklong Asia-Pacific Visit — Defense News

Pentagon, CIA, White House opened up to Hollywood on bin Laden raid — Politico

NATO Needs To Remind Russia That The Cold War Ended 20 Years Ago
— Business Insider

Too Few Military Threats? — Trita Parsi, Daily Beast

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,851 —


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