Russia Acusses The U.S. Of Bringing Down Their New “Superjet”

A soldier, who is part of a rescue team, searches for more victims at the the wreckage of a Russian Sukhoi aircraft which crashed on Wednesday on the slopes of Mount Salak in Indonesia’s West Java province on May 12, 2012. Russian intelligence thinks the Superjet liner that crashed during an exhibition in Indonesia may have been sabotaged by the United States, one of the country’s most widely read dailies said on Thursday. PHOTO: REUTERS
Undercover US Agents Brought Down Our New Superjet: Russia’s Extraordinary Claim About Crash Which Killed 45 — Daily Mail

* State’s GRU military intelligence source says Russians are investigating theory crash was ‘industrial sabotage
* Aircraft was on a demonstration flight aimed at securing lucrative orders when it slammed into a mountain killing all 45 passengers and crew
* Russian intelligence official claims US have ‘special technology’ capable of jamming signals from the ground or causing systems to malfunction

Spy sources in Moscow today made the astonishing claim that a US undercover operation may have sabotaged a new Russian Superjet plane that crashed in Indonesia two weeks ago.

The aircraft was on a demonstration flight aimed at securing lucrative orders when it slammed into a mountain killing all 45 passengers and crew.

‘We are investigating the theory that it was industrial sabotage,’ a GRU military intelligence source said.


Russian Intelligence Suspects US Involvement In Superjet Crash

Report: Russian intelligence suspects US hand in SuperJet crash — Christian Science Monitor
Russia probing US sabotage in Superjet crash: report — Asia One/AFP
Russia probing ‘US sabotage’ in Superjet crash — Straits Times
Tabloid: Superjet Downed by U.S. Industrial Sabotage — Moscow Times
Black Box Shows Superjet Had No Malfunctions — RIA Novosti
Was Sabotage behind Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet crash? — Ya Libnan

My Comment: This is a big story in Russia. What’s my take …. I’m just rolling my eyes. There is no proof or evidence …. but it will create an environment of mistrust and suspicion …. which is what some in Russia (unfortunately) apparently want to have right now.


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