Russia Claims That New Missile Can Overcome Missile Defenses

The new missile is a successor to ICBMs like the Topol-M (pictured here)


Russia Claims New Missile Can Overcome Missile Defenses — Christian Science Monitor

Russia says it conducted a successful test of a new missile that is meant to outwit the NATO antimissile shield and has a maximum range of 10,000 miles.

Within days of NATO’s announcement that its European antimissile shield is now “provisionally operational,” Russia has claimed to have tested a new type of intercontinental missile that can outwit the new missile defenses.

The new missile, which some Russian media said is named the “Avante-garde,” was successfully fired on Wednesday from Plesetsk cosmodrome in northwestern Russia, and reportedly hit its target on the Kamchatka Peninsula, several thousand miles away, a few minutes later. The Russian Defense Ministry says the new weapon has a maximum range of about 10,000 miles and can carry a bigger payload than any previous Russian missile.

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Russia Claims That It’s Newest Missile Can Overcome Missile Defenses

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