Who Will Make The Decision To Launch A Cyber Attack?

Military Debates Who Should Pull The Trigger For A Cyber Attack — Aol Defense

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA: The American military is intrigued by the offensive uses for cyber-warfare, but it is struggling to figure out how to do it. What impact can cyber weapons have on the battlefield? What organizations should take the lead? And who makes the decision to pull the trigger?

“We’ve been thinking 90% defense, 10% offense. That’s bass-ackwards for us,” said the outspoken Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright, the recently retired vice-chairman of the Joint Staff, speaking at last week’s Joint Warfighting Conference in Virginia Beach, co-hosted by the US Naval Institute and the industry group AFCEA. (Click here for more on Cartwright’s remarks, with video). “The offense always has the advantage.”


My Comment: If the target is a sovereign government …. I would think that it would be the President (with the backing of Congress) who would authorize such an attack. But as the abilities to wage cyber war change and become diverse …. and the targets become diverse (from governments to individuals) …. a better definition and set of guidelines will definitely need to be worked out.


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