Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 28, 2012

Lieutenant General Bromberg
This Man Has Just Been Given The Toughest Job In The US Army — Business Insider

It looks like this is the man who will have a great hand in what the U.S. Army — a leading force in the world’s military standings — will become over the coming years.

That’s huge.

President Obama has just appointed Lieutenant General Howard Bromberg to a position overseeing the recruiting, retaining, sustaining, and dismissing, of the entire Army’s work force.

Why is this so important?

As military micro-blogger Doctrine Man points out, Lieutenant General Bromberg “is about to take on one of the toughest jobs in the Army — the drawdown.”

It’s one of the biggest issues confronting the U.S. military today.

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Experts Wary of Pakistan Nuke Claims — Defense News

U.K. May Delay Major Vehicle Buy — Defense News

Britain’s TA troops ‘too poorly trained to make up for Army cuts’ — The Telegraph

S. Korea to Choose Aircraft Competition Winners in October — Korea Times

Taiwanese air force faces plane shortage by 2020 — Taipei Times

US, New Zealand mending frayed military ties
— FOX News/AP

DoD’s Next Crisis: Excess Inventory — Defense News

U.S. State Department, SOCOM Forge Unlikely Partnership — Defense News

Critics wonder: Could the F-22’s skin be the problem? — Stars and Stripes

USAF Lets The Air Out Of Blue Devil II Airship — Aviation Week

Almost half of new vets seek disability — Stars and Stripes/AP

The USN Can’t Keep Its Heads On Straight
— Strategy Page

Woman to command Air Force fighter wing in N.C.
— Pilot Online

Openly gay students graduating at military academies
— Mercury News/AP

Military Divorce: What It’s Like To Split From Your Military Spouse — Huffington Post

Ex-Obama aide’s think tank hits defense budget — Washington times

Senate leader ‘not backing off’ sequestration
— DoD Buzz

Defense Contractors Have Taken Over Capitol Hill — Robert Reich, Business Insider

West Point Is Divided on a War Doctrine’s Fate — New York Times

World War Two battleship USS Iowa sets off on final voyage
— Reuters

On Memorial Day — don’t neglect our gardens of freedom, our military cemeteries — Arthur Herman, FOX News

Rolling Thunder still on its mission for POW/MIA remembrance — Washington Times

Daughter’s Closure Years after Dad’s Secret Death — Bee

This Memorial Day — New York Times editorial

How Should the U.S. Support Returning Veterans?
— New York Times


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