ETA’s Military Commander Captured

Eta announced last year that it was ending its armed campaign. BBC


ETA Military Leader Among Two Captured In France — The Telegraph

Two members of ETA, the Basque separatist group, including Oroitz Gurruchaga Gogorza, the group’s military leader, have been arrested by French police.

Gurruchaga and “his deputy” Xabier Aramburu were arrested in the southwestern French village of Cauna while travelling in a stolen vehicle with fake number plates in a joint operation by French and Spanish police, it said, adding that both men were armed with a pistol and a revolver.

“The presence of both men in southern France could indicate they were setting up meetings to recruit new ETA members,” the ministry said.

Gurruchaga, 30, joined ETA in 2008 and rose through the organisation’s ranks to become its military and recruiting chief, according to the ministry.

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