Iran Confirms That Their Forces Are In Syria Assisting The Assad Regime

Brigadier General Ismail Ghaani, deputy commander of Iran’s Quds Force. Radio Free Europe
Syrian Army Being Aided By Iranian Forces — The Guardian

Iran confirms Quds force’s presence in Syria with Revolutionary Guards commander saying troops ‘helped prevent more massacres’.

A senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has admitted that Iranian forces are operating in Syria in support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Ismail Gha’ani, the deputy head of Iran’s Quds force, the arm of the Revolutionary Guards tasked with overseas operations, said in an interview with the semi-official Isna news agency: “If the Islamic republic was not present in Syria, the massacre of people would have happened on a much larger scale.”


More News On Iran Admitting That Their Military Forces Are In Syria Assisting The Assad Regime

Iran confirms sending troops to Syria, says bloodshed otherwise would be worse — Al Arabiya News
Revolutionary Guards admits Iran involvement in Syria — Jerusalem Post
Iranian special forces fighting alongside Assad’s troops — AGI
Iran confirms sending troops to Syria — American Thinker

My Comment: The Iranian news agency has now removed any reference of Iranian military forces in Syria.

Update: Israel sees Iranian hand in Syria killings — AFP


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