Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 29, 2012

Syria: The Military, The Militias And The Spies — CBS

When it comes to the forces of the Syrian government there is an extraordinarily complex and opaque relationship between the military, the militias, the numerous intelligence agencies and the various power centres that control them.

This is one of the reasons why apportioning individual blame for massacres like the one that took place at Houla last Friday is so difficult and why Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has been able to keep a straight face while denying any culpability for recent atrocities.

The various forces are:

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Martin Dempsey: ‘Military option’ for Syria — Politico

Newly identified computer virus, used for spying, is 20 times size of Stuxnet — Washington Post

Pakistan spy chief postpones US trip — The Telegraph

China Reviews Security of Military Facilities — RIA Novosti

French army seeks Russian mine detectors
— New York Daily News/RIA Novosti

Russians Plan Hockey Match on Aircraft Carrier — RIA Novosti

Brazil readies 15,000 security forces for Rio summit — Defence Talk

Taiwan Deploys Anti-China Missiles: Report — Defense News/AFP

Analysts Skeptical as Turkey, Brazil Pursue Defense Cooperation — Defense News

Israel: Anticipating INS Crocodile, More Submarine Crews Trained — Arutz Sheva

Test flight explosions leave Vulcan bomber grounded for Jubilee — The Telegraph

U.S. Plans to Arm Italy’s Drones — Wall Street Journal

Electronic weapons: Anti-Missile Lasers That Work — Strategy Page

U.S. denies N. Korea commando operation
— Washington Post

U.S.M.C. orders “Switchblade” UAV drones that function as mini-cruise missiles — Examiner

Army seeks to replace combat vehicles, but it won’t be easy — USA Today

Boeing Super Hornet faces emerging anti-access challenges
— Flight Global

Army Wants Flame-Retardant Texting Gloves
— Danger Room

Senate committee again blocks funding for Marines’ move off Okinawa — Stars and Stripes

Fire damage raises questions about sub’s future —

Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military
— Reuters

Our American Dream: Meet the First Latina US Military Pilot — FOX News

Smooth Sailing for 1st Women to Serve on Navy Submarines — ABC News

Vietnam War: Beginning 13 years of commemorating a divisive conflict — Christian Science Monitor

From ‘Boots to Suits,’ Transitioning From Military Service to Civilian Life — PBS Newshour

Military Working Dogs: What Happens After They Serve?
— PBS Newshour

Building a True 21st Century U.S. Military — Douglas A. Macgregor, Time


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