Pakistan Spy Chief Cancels His Trip To The U.S.

ISI DG Lieutenant General Zaheer ul Islam. The Nation


Pakistan Spy Chief Puts Off Washington Visit Amid Rift Over Doctor’s Treason Conviction — Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan’s new intelligence chief has postponed his first visit to Washington amid harsh U.S. criticism of the 33-year prison sentence imposed on Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor convicted of treason for aiding the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Lt. Gen. Zaheer ul-Islam, appointed in March to head the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, was set to meet this week with his U.S. counterpart, CIA Director David H. Petraeus, a Pakistani official said.


Update #1: ISI chief postpones US visit — The Nation
Update #2: Resetting Pak-US ties: ISI chief postpones US trip over ‘delay in deal finalisation’ — Express Tribune

My Comment: Lets see …. sentencing the doctor who helped the CIA to find Bin Laden to 33 years in jail …. wanting to charge a fee of $5,000/container to ship goods to Afghanistan …. not eliminating the Taliban safe havens nor imprisoning their leaders who seem to have no problem to walk the streets in public and in full view of Pak security officials.

Yup …. the U.S. is pissed …. and maybe …. finally …. there are some in Pakistan who are getting the message. If not …. I suggest that they should cut even more aid.


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