US Special Forces Have Been Sent Into North Korea On Spying Missions

Photo: Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley

US Special Forces On The Ground In North Korea, Says American Commander — The Hill

Members of U.S. special forces are on the ground in North Korea, gathering intelligence on the country’s network of clandestine military bases near its border with the South.

Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley, head of all American special operations forces in South Korea, said units of elite U.S. troops were conducting “special reconnaissance” missions in the North.


More News On US Special Forces Being Sent Into North Korea On Spying Missions

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My Comment: Was Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley cleared to say this? This is the first time that I have heard or read of a US commander admitting that US Special Forces have been on the ground (on spying missions) in North Korea.


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