In many, actually in most, attack scenarios, disasters or collapse scenarios bugging out may not be necessary or even prudent; in these cases people should plan on sheltering-in-place or bugging in. Bugging in may be sheltering where you already are, or traveling a short, pre-plotted distance to your bug in location (BIL), for most this will typically your home or maybe even a family farm or ranch. There are many advantages to bugging-in, the greatest of these being that you don’t have to carry all the necessities for survival on your back. In several of my past articles I’ve talked about how most people aren’t ready to survive out of a backpack for an extended number of days (10+) and while there are some of us that could pull it off, and are used to lugging around a 50-60lb pack with a gun and some ammo, our spouses and children more than likely couldn’t do it. It’s just not the way we train and that is a fundamental flaw in the plans of most of those thinking about bugging out or simply surviving off grid when the stuff hits the fan.


When bugging in, you must 311 iran ship plan/provide for your basic needs (food, water, and shelter) without counting on external supports like electricity and running water or modern conveniences like flushing toilets and microwaves. Even given these minor limitations, it should be a relatively simple thing for most people to prepare for a bug-in lasting 7 days, or longer. Stock up on those $1.00 solar landscape lights and you’ll have lights when you need them; dig yourself an outhouse pit now and build the house over it, close the pit and use it as yard art until the time comes when you need it. The biggest issue is already taken care of; shelter. You’re at home; you have all or most of your clothes and all your gear at hand. If you have been preparing properly, you should have stocked at least 90 plus days (I recommend 1 year) of ready to eat or easily prepared food and an ample store of water. You’re hot water heater will hold 30-50+ gallons of additional water and the pipes in your house perhaps an additional 1-4 gallons depending on the home. Should this be a life altering scenario, such a Zombie invasion, economic collapse or massive natural disaster; you will want to be prepared to start gardening and heating your home as well. Home Security will then become a greater issue because people that see you heating the house and staying in for the most part will quickly realize you have what they need and they’ll come for it.


The drawback of bugging-in is that you grow reluctant to leave your home and it could be the place you have to make your last stand. So, at the onset of a major ordeal; when you know it’s coming or just after it happens don’t hesitate to get out there and board up your windows leaving just enough room to get your shotgun barrel out. Have some interior barricades ready to keep people from caving in your points of entry or exit and if at all possible have a contingency plan in place that family is familiar with in case you need to make a get away from the house. Know where you will meet up and have a bug-out bag ready to go for just that purpose. Whatever your plans- keep them realistic and practical for everyone in your family or group. Remember if you’re planning on pushing grandma up the mountain with a rifle and a 40lb pack on, she’s probably not going to be able to do it; so plan around that. Enjoy your prepping and survival training; get everyone involved now while you can so that when the time comes to depend on those skills, they’ll be second nature.


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