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Defensive Handgun Drill: Learn It And Live

December 4, 2012

Mozambique Drill

Sometimes just shooting a bad guy in the chest is not enough. Attackers can be high on adrenalin or meth to the point that pain is not enough to stop them. They might also be wearing body armor. Some years back, Col. Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite Academy, developed what he called the “Mozambique Drill” for the purposes of dealing with this type of situation.

The Mozambique Drill, also known as the Failure to Stop or Failure Drill, was conceived after a mercenary in the Mozambican War of Independence relayed an incident to Col. Cooper, during which he had shot an enemy twice in the chest with a Browning Hi-Power. The shots seemed to have no adverse effect on the guerilla soldier, so the mercenary shot him once in the head. The fight ended.

To practice this at the shooting range, position yourself 5 yards from a human silhouette target. At a signal, draw and shoot the target twice in the torso and once in the head. Try to obtain all three hits in less than 3 seconds when drawing from concealment. Practice enough and you might become as good as the guy in this video.