Survive a hotel siege

Avoid big hotels

Terrorists tend not to waste time on small  targets; they’re trying to maximize the body count and hit targets of maximum symbolic value at the same time. If you must stay in one….

Order room service when possible

This minimizes your exposure to restaurants located off the lobby.  Obviously, the lobby is the most dangerous place in a hotel; it is akin to the security lines at American airports, which are prime targets for suicide bombers precisely because they’re entirely insecure.

Make two plans the moment you arrive

Figure out how you’re going to escape, and figure out, alternatively, how you’re going to survive a siege. If escape isn’t an option – say, you believe that men are roaming the floors with automatic weapons – try to figure out what you’re going to use to fortify your room. Always travel with a flashlight, utility knife, matches, and a few energy bars. Know where your shoes are, as well as your passport and money,  Also, identify a lamp or other piece of furniture that could be used as a weapon of last resort.


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