Survive a plane take-over

Look at who is boarding your plane

Watch for Red Flags – someone wearing an expensive suit but a military watch, extremely nervous passengers, people with neither carry-on bags nor luggage, someone wearing military boots with normal clothes, strange behaviour. Tell someone in charge it could save your life.

Try to stay calm

Don’t be unnerved by scare tactics. Control your breathing and heart rate. Try to stay calm.
The terrorists herd everyone to the back of the airplane. because they are afraid of passengers rushing and overpowering them. Do not go to the back of the plane.  You must take back the aircraft.

Assess the threat, assume leadership, designate help and take action

How many hijackers and how many weapons? Where are they located on the aircraft? You are all leaders. What do people do when a leader gets up? They follow. Tell someone to help you. “You two guys grab him while we get the other one!” You must take back the aircraft at all costs.

What about hostages?

Would you risk the life of an airline stewardess? How about your wife or child? Could you rush the terrorists if they have your eight-year old boy and they say that if anyone moves they will cut his throat?
You must because if you do nothing he is going to die anyway.  In a hijacking the passengers are divided up into hostages and victims. Terrorists kill hostages to scare you and control you. So if you have a loved one who is taken hostage their best chance of survival is you fighting back.

Prepare in advance

Look for ordinary items that can be used as weapons. Prepare in advance. Always bring along a hardcover book, a newspaper, keys and a pen and ask for a blanket and two unopened soda cans. Keep a fairly heavy bag under your seat. These ordinary items are weapons that can save your life. When the terrorist comes down the aisle as soon as he passes you throw your blanket over his face so he cannot see…..

Then knee him in the spine, pull him down and strangle him with the blanket until you get another passenger to help you restrain him.

Wrap the blanket around your forearm and you can block knife slashes. Hold the blanket out and catch the arm of the terrorist as he slashes at you. Then hold the knife arm wrapped up while other passengers take the terrorist down.

A hard cover book can block any stabbing attack. A heavy book can smash a hijackers nose, collar bone Adam’s Apple or back of his head.

Always ask a stewardess for two unopened cans of soda. A full soda can thrown at someone’s temple can kill him. They can smash a terrorist’s nose, knee cap or head. If everyone throws a full soda can at a terrorist he can be stoned to death. A full soda can wrapped inside a blanket can be swung as a deadly mace.

A newspaper folded once or twice and stuck inside your shirt is body armour strong enough to stop most knife stabs. A rolled newspaper becomes extremely hard and can be used to smash the nose or stop the heart by hitting the arteries on the side of the neck.

Stab a pen into the terrorist’s eye, hand, throat, anywhere. Stick him and stick him until he is the victim.

Keys can be stabbed through a terrorist’s ear into his ear drum, gouge out his eyes, or even cut his throat.

A leather belt wrapped around your arm can stop knife cuts or the belt can be swung as a flail. Smash the buckle into a terrorist’s face. Belts can quickly strangle terrorists and can also tie them up when they are disarmed and unconscious.

Women can take off their high-heeled shoes and punch them at the terrorists who will be knocked out.

A heavy bag kept under your seat can be used to block knife slashes, smash a terrorist or can be thrown into the aisle to trip him.

An undercover Air Marshall may attempt to take back the airplane. If that happens keep your head down or you could be accidentally shot and killed.

Be prepared to recover and shoot the Air Marshall’s gun if he is injured or killed, otherwise the terrorists have another weapon.

When firing a gun the most important thing is aiming. Do this quick exercise: hold your index finger up to a spot on the wall. Close one eye and then the other. Looking with one eye your finger will appear to jump while with the other eye it will stay on target. The eye that does not jump is the one you should aim with. Keep your eye on the front sight and align that with your target.

Ultimately, the only way to survive a hijacking situation may be to fight back. By remaining calm, keeping a cool head, being a little creative and very brave, you can save your life and the lives of others.

If you can get to a cockpit radio channel 121.5 is an emergency channel always by airports and US military airfields and you use it to declare an emergency and get an escort to a runway and receive instruction on how to land if the pilots are dead or too injured to fly the plane without assistance.


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