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SAS To Stay In Afghanistan After Pullout

May 20, 2012

SAS To Stay In Afghanistan After Pullout: Elite Regiment Will Carry On Fight Against Al Qaeda Remnants — Daily Mail

* Senior sources say SAS will stay in Helmand to help Afghan forces weed out insurgents
* Timetable decided at G8 summit will see Afghan forces take control of combat missions by mid-2013

SAS troops will stay in Afghanistan to conduct counter-terrorism operations against the remnants of Al Qaeda after UK combat soldiers leave in 2014, it was revealed last night.

Senior sources said members of the elite regiment will remain in Helmand Province to help Afghan forces weed out insurgents.

David Cameron and fellow Nato leaders will today map out plans to withdraw frontline troops from the fight against the Taliban in two years’ time.


Update: SAS face ‘years’ in Afghanistan terror war — The SUN

My Comment: Only 200 SAS soldiers to remain …. a pathetically small number to oversea a country as large as Afghanistan.