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CIA Publicly Acknowledges 15 Of Its Operatives

May 24, 2012
CIA Memorial Wall (Wikipedia)


CIA Discloses Names Of 15 Killed In Line Of Duty — L.A. Times

The CIA publicly acknowledges 15 of its operatives, some previously identified as State Department workers, who were killed in the last 30 years.

WASHINGTON — The CIA on Tuesday disclosed the names of 15 of its operatives killed in the line of duty over the last 30 years, the result of a new effort to honor fallen officers whose sacrifices had long gone unrecognized by all but a few.

Fourteen of the dead already had a star inscribed in their memory on the CIA’s wall of honor in the lobby of the old headquarters building on the agency’s Langley, Va., campus. But their names had been withheld. In a closed agency ceremony Monday their names were added to the Book of Honor, which accompanies the stars.


Update: Out of the shadows in death: the CIA honors its fallen — CNN

My Comment: Our prayers are with the families and loved ones.