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Is China`s Military Jet Engine Program About To Start

May 15, 2012
Is China About To Get Its Military Jet Engine Program Off the Ground? –Wall Street Journal

Tensions in the South China Sea—most recently with the Philippines—and Beijing’s unease about Washington’s renewed strategic focus on Asia are likely to strengthen calls from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for more modern fighters and strike aircraft. Russia has historically supplied the high performance military jet engines that power these craft. However, China’s defense industry is working hard to become capable of mass producing Chinese-made military jet engines in order to end dependence on Russia, give China maximum strategic flexibility, and begin to compete with Russian-made combat aircraft in export markets.

But how soon is China’s domestic jet engine effort likely to achieve lift-off?

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My Comment: Their spies have been effective in stealing America`s jet fighter secrets …. so I suspect that the next stage …. manufacturing and assembling the necessary components …. will be the next step.