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Will A Future U.S. Army Have An Industrial Base?

May 19, 2012

A Bleak Forecast For the Army’s Industrial Base — DoD Buzz

As you’ve read here so many times, today’s official line from the Army is: We get it.

All that stuff you need to do to successfully buy complex weapons and equipment? They’re going to do it: Control requirements. Play hardball with vendors. Test before buying — have you heard about the fantastic Network Integration Evaluation we do out west? Oh, you have.

Anyway, what else — oh yeah: Go evolutionary, not revolutionary. Don’t be afraid to pull the plug. Make “tough choices.” Say to the general: General, y’know what, sir? This is jacked up and I don’t think we should do it.

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Update: Army’s Miscues, Botched Buys May Doom Industrial Base — Aol Defense

My Comment: What’s the worse case scenario ….. at this rate I can see us buying all of our military equipment from China.