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Weatherby Mark V TRR RC: Dead-Serious Long-Range Rifle

April 26, 2012
If you can see it, you can hit it. And, if you can hit it, you can kill it. That should be Weatherby’s tag line for their Mark V TRR RC (RC is for Range Certified) rifle in .338-378 Wthby. Mag. Why? It’s simple, really.

This rifle comes with a cut-rifled, 26-inch Krieger threaded barrel with optional muzzle-brake, and a pile of other custom features that’ll make you grin. Combine all this exactitude with the .338-378 Wthby. Mag. cartridge—which will deliver a ton of energy at 700 yards—and you have an extreme long-range shooting platform that’ll hit like a runaway freight train.

Hold on with both hands, lace your boots up tight and you’ll be OK—it’s only 50 ft-lbs of recoil energy! That’s still better than being on the business end of this beast.