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Turkey May Indict Senior Israeli Officers For The Deadly Flotilla Raid On May 31, 2010

May 24, 2012

Turkey May Indict Senior Israeli Officers Over Deadly Gaza Flotilla Raid — New York Times

A prosecutor in Turkey has prepared indictments and recommended life sentences for four senior Israeli officers over the killing of nine activists aboard a Gaza-bound aid flotilla forcibly intercepted by Israeli commandos two years ago, Turkish news services reported Wednesday.

The indictments, which have not been formally approved by the Turkish judiciary, could further strain relations between Turkey and Israel, which were once close but which deteriorated badly after the flotilla raid on May 31, 2010.

Israel has consistently rejected Turkey’s demand that it formally apologize for the commando raid and lift its blockade of Gaza.


My Comment: This is going to go nowhere …. but these Turkish threats are done to appease a segment of the Turkish population that …. quite frankly are Islamic, and have no sympathy for Israel. On a side note …. Turkey wanted the EU banned from this week’s NATO summit in Chicago …. so these rhetorical flourishes are nothing new.