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Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

Syria: The Military, The Militias And The Spies — CBS

When it comes to the forces of the Syrian government there is an extraordinarily complex and opaque relationship between the military, the militias, the numerous intelligence agencies and the various power centres that control them.

This is one of the reasons why apportioning individual blame for massacres like the one that took place at Houla last Friday is so difficult and why Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has been able to keep a straight face while denying any culpability for recent atrocities.

The various forces are:

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Martin Dempsey: ‘Military option’ for Syria — Politico

Newly identified computer virus, used for spying, is 20 times size of Stuxnet — Washington Post

Pakistan spy chief postpones US trip — The Telegraph

China Reviews Security of Military Facilities — RIA Novosti

French army seeks Russian mine detectors
— New York Daily News/RIA Novosti

Russians Plan Hockey Match on Aircraft Carrier — RIA Novosti

Brazil readies 15,000 security forces for Rio summit — Defence Talk

Taiwan Deploys Anti-China Missiles: Report — Defense News/AFP

Analysts Skeptical as Turkey, Brazil Pursue Defense Cooperation — Defense News

Israel: Anticipating INS Crocodile, More Submarine Crews Trained — Arutz Sheva

Test flight explosions leave Vulcan bomber grounded for Jubilee — The Telegraph

U.S. Plans to Arm Italy’s Drones — Wall Street Journal

Electronic weapons: Anti-Missile Lasers That Work — Strategy Page

U.S. denies N. Korea commando operation
— Washington Post

U.S.M.C. orders “Switchblade” UAV drones that function as mini-cruise missiles — Examiner

Army seeks to replace combat vehicles, but it won’t be easy — USA Today

Boeing Super Hornet faces emerging anti-access challenges
— Flight Global

Army Wants Flame-Retardant Texting Gloves
— Danger Room

Senate committee again blocks funding for Marines’ move off Okinawa — Stars and Stripes

Fire damage raises questions about sub’s future —

Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military
— Reuters

Our American Dream: Meet the First Latina US Military Pilot — FOX News

Smooth Sailing for 1st Women to Serve on Navy Submarines — ABC News

Vietnam War: Beginning 13 years of commemorating a divisive conflict — Christian Science Monitor

From ‘Boots to Suits,’ Transitioning From Military Service to Civilian Life — PBS Newshour

Military Working Dogs: What Happens After They Serve?
— PBS Newshour

Building a True 21st Century U.S. Military — Douglas A. Macgregor, Time

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 28, 2012

May 29, 2012

Lieutenant General Bromberg
This Man Has Just Been Given The Toughest Job In The US Army — Business Insider

It looks like this is the man who will have a great hand in what the U.S. Army — a leading force in the world’s military standings — will become over the coming years.

That’s huge.

President Obama has just appointed Lieutenant General Howard Bromberg to a position overseeing the recruiting, retaining, sustaining, and dismissing, of the entire Army’s work force.

Why is this so important?

As military micro-blogger Doctrine Man points out, Lieutenant General Bromberg “is about to take on one of the toughest jobs in the Army — the drawdown.”

It’s one of the biggest issues confronting the U.S. military today.

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Experts Wary of Pakistan Nuke Claims — Defense News

U.K. May Delay Major Vehicle Buy — Defense News

Britain’s TA troops ‘too poorly trained to make up for Army cuts’ — The Telegraph

S. Korea to Choose Aircraft Competition Winners in October — Korea Times

Taiwanese air force faces plane shortage by 2020 — Taipei Times

US, New Zealand mending frayed military ties
— FOX News/AP

DoD’s Next Crisis: Excess Inventory — Defense News

U.S. State Department, SOCOM Forge Unlikely Partnership — Defense News

Critics wonder: Could the F-22’s skin be the problem? — Stars and Stripes

USAF Lets The Air Out Of Blue Devil II Airship — Aviation Week

Almost half of new vets seek disability — Stars and Stripes/AP

The USN Can’t Keep Its Heads On Straight
— Strategy Page

Woman to command Air Force fighter wing in N.C.
— Pilot Online

Openly gay students graduating at military academies
— Mercury News/AP

Military Divorce: What It’s Like To Split From Your Military Spouse — Huffington Post

Ex-Obama aide’s think tank hits defense budget — Washington times

Senate leader ‘not backing off’ sequestration
— DoD Buzz

Defense Contractors Have Taken Over Capitol Hill — Robert Reich, Business Insider

West Point Is Divided on a War Doctrine’s Fate — New York Times

World War Two battleship USS Iowa sets off on final voyage
— Reuters

On Memorial Day — don’t neglect our gardens of freedom, our military cemeteries — Arthur Herman, FOX News

Rolling Thunder still on its mission for POW/MIA remembrance — Washington Times

Daughter’s Closure Years after Dad’s Secret Death — Bee

This Memorial Day — New York Times editorial

How Should the U.S. Support Returning Veterans?
— New York Times

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

SAN DIEGO (May 2, 2012) The first of class littoral combat ships USS Freedom (LCS 1), rear, and USS Independence (LCS 2) maneuver together during an exercise off the coast of Southern California. The littoral combat ship is a fast, agile, networked surface combatant designed to operate in the near-shore environment, while capable of open-ocean tasking, and win against 21st-century coastal threats such as submarines, mines, and swarming small craft. (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Jan Shultis/Released)
CATO: The Future Of The US Navy Surface Fleet — Information Dissemination

The Policy Forum on the US Navy Surface Fleet at CATO has turned out to be a hugely successful event. It was informative and stayed interesting from start to end. In fact, I can only find one problem with the event – they used some crappy Java movie app that is terrible on mobile devices and several browsers instead of YouTube for the video of the event. Thus – I won’t be embedding the video, so you’ll have to go here and download it.



Clinton, military leaders plead for sea treaty — AP

£500m jump jets may melt the decks of aircraft carriers: Latest MoD plan shambles — The Mirror

Australia’s defence at crossroads after cuts — Sydney Morning Herald

Report: Iran holds military maneuvers — FOX News/AP

Iran face-off drives new naval small ship focus — Reuters

Russia Turns on New Missile Warning Radar — RIA Novosti

Russia tests ‘fifth generation’ missile that can penetrate Nato defence system — The Telegraph

Russian Defense Ministry Civilians to be Cut by Third — RIA Novosti

Pakistan Acknowledges Sea-Based Nuclear Deterrent
— Defense News

BAE Systems wins £328m submarine contract
— The Telegraph

Russian jet crash in Czech Republic injures 6
— Mercury News/AP

US senators cut funds for Iraq police training program — Reuters

Saudi Arabia signs $3 billion deal with Britain to buy trainer jets
— Al Arabiya

Clinton Outlines Partnership Between State Dept., Special Ops — Defense News

Clinton Goes Commando, Sells Diplomats as Shadow Warriors — Danger Room

Female soldiers sue to lift combat ban — Reuters

Combat Exoskeleton Marches Toward Afghanistan Deployment — The Danger Room

All Of These US Weapons May Contain Counterfeit Electronic Parts — Business Insider

Guard, Reserve Fight For Modern Hardware; JLTV, C-5A, C-17 At Stake — Aol Defense

Fire Strikes Nuke Sub USS Miami In Portsmouth Dry Dock — Aol Defense

Elgin’s F-35Bs Take to the Skies — Defense Tech

Q&A with the first military test pilot to fly the X-35 and F-35 — Naval Air Systems Command

Why Doesn’t The F-35 Program Follow The Rules? — Rep. Todd Akin, Aol Defense

New Study Outlines How the Military Could Create a Leaner, Less Expensive Force — New York Times

Think Tank Calls for Major U.S. Defense Reductions — Defense News

Combat ‘Burn Pits’ Ruin Immune Systems, Study Shows — Danger Room

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 23, 2012

May 24, 2012

Iran And UN Close To Deal On Nuclear Programme As World Powers Meet For Baghdad Talks — The Telegraph

Iran could be allowed to continue with its nuclear programme if it agrees to stop enriching uranium to a critical level from which it could quickly produce a nuclear weapon.

Western powers are ready drop demands for a complete halt to all Iran’s nuclear work, provided the regime pledges to halt uranium enrichment to the crucial 20 per cent threshold, The Daily Telegraph understands.

The proposal would be a key element of a compromise deal, to be discussed by leading world powers in Baghdad on Wednesday, that could also see Iran open up its secret military facilities to United Nations inspectors.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs

Iran and world powers meet hoping to silence ‘drums of war’ with nuclear talks
— The Telegraph

Pakistan Presses Ahead on Plutonium Reactor
— Global Security Newswire

Russia Has No Business in NATO Missile Defense – Polish MP
— RIA Novosti

U.S. Defense Department China Report Earns Reprimand From Beijing — Global Security Newswire

China Using Helicopter UAVs At Sea — Strategy Page

Turkey Says US Favorable to Sale of Armed Drones

Navy, MIT Grapple With Managing Drones On Dangerous Decks — Aol Defense

Why Russia Still Uses Film In Spy Satellites — Strategy Page

Russia’s military aircraft industry: overview and outlook — Russia & India report/Voice of Russia

Korea plans to ‘drastically’ beef up missile arsenal against NK — Korea Times

Senate Armed Services Committee Releases Report on Counterfeit Electronic Parts — Defpro

F-35B makes first flight at Eglin — DoD Buzz

Fake Parts are Everywhere
— Defense Tech

Special optics for the iPhone/iPad add military grade night vision for special ops — Slash Gear

Krasnovia’s angry little brothers — DoD Buzz

Army Wants Quick Virtual Terrain — Defense News

US Army more selective on recruits, re-enlistments — AP

CIA discloses names of 15 killed in line of duty — L.A. Times

Panetta To Embark on Weeklong Asia-Pacific Visit — Defense News

Pentagon, CIA, White House opened up to Hollywood on bin Laden raid — Politico

NATO Needs To Remind Russia That The Cold War Ended 20 Years Ago
— Business Insider

Too Few Military Threats? — Trita Parsi, Daily Beast

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,851 —

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia and Asia Pacific Security Affairs David Helvey briefs the media on the Defense Department’s report to Congress on “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2012” in the Pentagon, May 18, 2012. DOD photo by Glenn Fawcet


Pentagon Study Says China Military Getting Stronger — New York Times

WASHINGTON — China is pressing a long-range modernization of its military, part of a strategy aimed at maximizing its leverage over Taiwan, extending its influence farther abroad, but avoiding conflict around its borders or with the United States, the Pentagon said on Friday in an annual report to Congress.

Chinese leaders, the report asserted, view this as a time to “focus on internal development while avoiding direct confrontation,” although they expect tension, competition, and territorial flare-ups from time to time, and they do not expect the status quo, however satisfactory they find it, to last indefinitely.

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WNU Editor: The Pentagon’s report on China’s military is here (pdf).


British Army will have to rely on civilian drivers, reserves and foreign armies — The Telegraph

Intelligence: Ballooning Surveillance
— Strategy Page

South Korea to Buy MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters in Potential $1 Billion Deal — Defpro

Israeli military arrests 474 draft dodgers — UPI

Israel’s Newest UZI Sub Machine Gun —

Russia Floats Out Large Landing Ship — RIA Novosti

Russian Convicted of Passing Military Secrets
— RIA Novosti

Philippines to receive 10 new patrol ships from Japan
— Inquirer

UK: 10,500 army personnel for Olympic games — CBS/AP

Ospreys to be Based In UK For Special Ops Missions — and Stripes

US lawmakers back nuclear weapons near N. Korea — AFP

U.S. European Command, NATO Boost Cyber Defenses — US Department of Defense

Budget amendment would pull all four BCTs out of Europe — Stars and Stripes

Russian Paras Fire ‘Green Beret’ Weapons in U.S.
— RIA Novosti

Panetta to seal Apache deal during June 6 visit
— Hindustan Times

House votes to give Taiwan 66 F-16 fighter aircraft
— The Hill

4 Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in Venezuela — ABC News/AP

Military-contracted trainer jet crashes near California naval base; civilian pilot dies — Washington Post/AP

Air Force: No significant changes near F-22 bases — News Herald

Federal appeals panel hears CIA leak case in Va. — Stars and Stripes/AP

Mistaken identity, abuse and rendition: Khaled El-Masri finally has day in court — The Guardian

Army: Soldier to stand trial in killings of 5 comrades at combat stress clinic in Iraq — CNN

Marine gets 15 years in prison for comrade’s death — Stars and Stripes/AP

Army reviews mental health cases going back to 2001
— USA Today

House puts squeeze on military’s ‘musical arsenal’ — Washington Post

House votes to keep military enlistment age cap — USA Today

Congressman: There is a War on Religious Belief in Military — FOX News

Americans Favor Military Cuts
— David Axe, The Diplomat

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 18, 2012

May 19, 2012
Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks about the shaping of Joint Force 2020 during the 2012 Joint Warfighting Conference held in Virginia Beach, Va., May 16, 2012. DOD photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr.


Dempsey Describes Future Force at Warfighting Conference — US Department of Defense

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., May 16, 2012 – The U.S. military must leverage emerging technologies and capabilities to create Joint Force 2020, the fighting force of the future, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

“Today, we meet at another pivotal time in our joint force,” Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said at the 2012 Joint Warfighting Conference. “We’re transitioning from a decade of war, a complex and uncertain security environment looms, and as we look toward the future each service in our total joint force faces fundamental questions about their identities, their roles and their capabilities.”



U.N. panel probes possible North Korea arms trade with Syria, Myanmar — Reuters

RAF rescue helicopter makes unexpected beach landing – so pilot can buy ice cream — The Telegraph

Pentagon Sees Chinese Military Expanding Its Reach — ABC News/AP

China Sustaining Investments in Advanced Missiles, Pentagon Says — Bloomberg

Israel’s military chief of staff to visit China in sign of warming security ties — Washington Post/AP

Experts puzzled by mysterious UAVs on Chinese frigate — Taipei Times

Spy satellite launched from Russia on Soyuz booster — Space Flight

US nuclear sub docks in Philippines — China Daily

American, Russian soldiers train in Colo.; believed to be 1st Russian soldiers to train in US — Washington Post/AP

Crews Assess Damage on Navy Ships That Collided —

Submarines: Women Join The Crews Of U.S. Boats — Strategy Page

B-1 aircrews make history by employing laser JDAMS — US Air Force

F-22 backup oxygen system upgrade not complete until mid-2014 — HRMilitary

White House Names New Cybersecurity Chief — Aol Government

Army Seeks New Recruiting, Training Strategies — Defense News

U.S. House Votes Against Terminating F-35B, V-22 — Defense News

Defense contractors eye cuts to jobs, plants
— Washington Times

4 Out Of 5 Non-Combat Medical Conditions Are Mental Ailments — Business Insider

Robotic Arm Holds Promise For Paralyzed Soldiers
— Information Week

Humans, Not Hardware, Will Get Military Through Tough Times: Dempsey — Aol Defense

Panel advances military pay raise
— Government Executive

House committee vote squashes military NASCAR sponsorships — USA Today

When war reporting becomes crime reporting — Stars and Stripes

The rise and fall of Air-Sea Battle
— DoD Buzz

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 14, 2012

May 15, 2012

Photo: Adm. William McRaven, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command. (A1C Christopher Williams / U.S. Air Force)

U.S. Seeks Global Spec Ops Network — Defense News

AMMAN, Jordan — U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants to establish a worldwide network linking special operations forces (SOF) of allied and partner nations to combat terrorism.

Championed by SOCOM commander Adm. Bill McRaven and Deputy Director of Operations Brig. Gen. Sean Mulholland, the network would comprise regional security coordination centers, organized and structured similarly to NATO SOF Headquarters in Mons, Belgium.



Russian spy ‘told missile secrets’ —

Russia develops air defence lasers — Voice of Russia

Taiwan Boosts Number of Anti-Ship Missiles — Defense News

Spanish aircraft carrier’s end could be near — Euroweekly

U.K. Govt balances defence budget ‘black hole’ — AFP

France: U.K. F-35 Pick Could Reduce Naval Cooperation — Defense News

New Army Structure to Save Major Money, Canada Says — Defense News

IAF set to lose its fighting edge — IBN Live

NATO Chief Says Alliance Moving Forward with Missile Shield — Voice of America

NATO Should Use Summit to Address U.S. Tactical Nukes in Europe, Experts Say — Global Security Newswire

New safety steps for F-22 —

F-35 to replace most US combat aircraft by 2020 — Channel News Asia

Upgrading U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighters: Let’s Keep It Light — Defpro

Air Force: P-8 won’t take over our ISR mission — Navy Times

U.S. Army Pushing Laser-Based Defenses — Defense News

McKeon vs. Panetta
— Ares/Aviation Week

Military taking steps to limit use of antipsychotics for PTSD —

Military families also pay price for repeated tours of duty — McClatchy News

Military marriages not prone to divorce — UPI

Helping survivors of military sexual trauma — Boston Globe

Already at rest, now honored at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall — McClatchy News

Insurance Company Funded Private Navy Preparing for Pirate Wars — Information Dissemination

Navy study: Sonar, blasts might hurt more sea life — Houston Chronicle/AP

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

It’s Official: U.K. To Switch Back to STOVL F-35 — Defense News

LONDON — The British government has confirmed it will revert to the F-35B short-takeoff, vertical-landing version of the Joint Strike Fighter to equip aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced in Parliament that the plan to purchase the F-35C carrier variant had been axed due to what he said was unacceptable cost growth and delays in the plan to convert a carrier to handle the conventional takeoff variant.

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Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announces U-turn over carrier fighter jets — The Telegraph

Britain: About-turn on new variant of carriers’ fighter plane — The Telegraph

It’s Official: UK to Fly F-35B JSFs — Defense Tech

Britain must keep Trident as other countries increase nuclear capabilities, says US adviser — The Telegraph

Australia Announces Purchase of 10 C-27Js From the U.S. — Defense News

Australian DoD Provides Overview of 2012-13 Defence Budget — Defpro

Pakistan Says It Test-Fires Short-Range Missile — New York Times/AP

South Korea to File Complaints About North’s Alleged GPS Jamming
— Voice of America

Call to suspend South Africa spy chief Richard Mdluli — BBC

Algeria buying Chinese frigates — Defense Web

French Scorpene submarines to roll out in 2015: Antony
— Times of India

The F-22 Pilots From Sunday’s 60 Minutes Episode Are Dealing With Much More Than They Let On — Business Insider

Lockheed’s Next F-35 Tied to Testing Progress, U.S. Says
— Bloomberg

Proposal Directs Pentagon to Give Battle-Ready Dates for F-35 — Defense News

U.S. Marines Extend Afghan Deployment of Cargo UAV
— Defense News

Admirals Rally Round LCS As HASC Attacks; Lockheed Takes Fire, General Dynamics Escapes — Aol Defense

Corroding Littoral Combat Ship Faces Scrutiny — Bloomberg

LCS Program Lauded, But Freedom Not Yet Ready — Defense News

Coast Guard’s newest ship filled with holes — RT

Second-Generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Completes Successful Intercept Flight Test — Missile Defense Agency

Fixes for F-35 Helmet in the Works — Defense News

F-22 Fighter Pilots Battle Mysterious ‘Raptor Cough’ — ABC News

Panetta, Dempsey Stage Unusual Joint Appeal For Law Of The Sea — Aol Defense

Amendment puts spotlight on Pentagon propaganda — Stars and Stripes/USA Today

House committee passes $643 billion defense bill
— The Hill

House spares Pentagon, homeland security from cuts — Bloomberg Businessweek

House panel OKs missile defense site on East Coast — CBS/AP

14 sailors implicated in Navy drug investigation — Stars and Stripes/AP

Survey: Cyberattacks top Americans’ concerns — Washington Times

House panel votes to ban same-sex marriages on US military bases — FOX News

Facebook hosting online forum for military families — Washington Post

Military families sound off on their major concerns — CNN

Is Russia’s Opposition To US Missile Defense System Justified? – Analysis — Eurasia Review

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 28, 2012

February 29, 2012
Major Mike Rountree, (Center) a marine fighter attack training officer, shows naval flight students a U.S. Marine F-35B Joint Strike Fighter Jet during a roll-out ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, February 24, 2012. Michael Spooneybarger / Reuters
Top Military Pilots Grounded By F-35 Mess — MSNBC

Questions about safety, cost overruns raise doubts about the entire program’s feasibility

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — The best fighter pilots from the Air Force, Marines and Navy arrived in the Florida Panhandle last year to learn to fly the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive, most advanced weapons program in U.S. history. They are still waiting.

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Global arms market hit $411 bn in 2010 — AFP

Arms Sales By the Top 100 Companies Worldwide Exceed $411 Billion — Ottawa Citizen

EU arms trade booming despite crisis — EU Observer

Kandahar Air Wing conducts first led air assault — Dvids

Russia Pledges to Repay Debt for Kyrgyz Base — RIA Novosti

No Need For Russian Air Base Says New Kyrgyz President
— RIA Novosti

Russia, Norway to Conduct Joint Naval Drills in May — RIA Novosti

Married British soldiers forced to leave Army accommodation as part of cuts to £318m housing bill — Daily Mail

Turkey restricts use of airspace by Israeli cargo planes — Haaretz

Israel plans for second F-35 squadron — UPI

North Korea Proclaims Right to Nuclear Weapons — Global Security Newswire

U.K. still short of some facts on the F-35 decision — Eric Palmer blog

U.S. eyes V-22 aircraft sales to Israel, Canada, UAE — Reuters

Troubled Canadian submarines to be used until 2030 — CBC

U.S. general confirms defense shield radar site in Turkey — Seattle PI/AP

Army Eyes Allies To Lighten Combat Vehicle Load — Aol Defense

U.S. Army Rethinks Last Decade’s Force Redesign; Fewer Trucks Needed — Defense News

Army Keeps Humvee Fleet Alive, Presses Ahead With JLTV — Aol Defense

USAF Looking to Silicon Valley to Get its Innovation Mojo Back — Defense Tech

US general: missile defense on track — Times Argus/AP

Nuclear weapons modernization: not fast enough for Kyl — Washington Post

White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy — Washington Post

Five ships, carrier air wing return from deployment — North County Times

Gay Marine’s homecoming kiss goes viral
— Yahoo News/The Lookout

Military trial in Peace Corps rape case begins

Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Fort Hood Massacre — Scott Swett, American Thinker

Will Panetta Help Accused Army Traitor? — Noisy Room

Cultural Cluelessness Threatens U.S. Commando Strategy — David Axe, Danger Room

WikiLeaks publishes intelligence firm Stratfor’s hacked emails, but analysts question their value — Laura Rozen, The Envoy

Will future wars be fought with drones?
— Stephen Manual, All Voices

Is The F-35 Strike Fighter The Military Chevy Volt? — IBD Editorials

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012
Modernization will carry a big price tag in the Pentagon’s FY2013 budget proposal. (File photo / U.S. Air Force)


Pentagon To Request $179 Billion In Modernization For FY2013 — Defense News

The U.S. Defense Department on Feb. 13 will ask Congress to approve a fiscal 2013 budget request that includes $47.6 billion to buy new fighters jets, tankers, helicopters and cargo planes, according to the document obtained by Defense News.

That money for aviation is part of an overall modernization request that includes $179 billion to buy and develop aircraft, ships, vehicles, missiles and satellites.

The modernization portion of the budget includes procurement — $109 billion — and research and development (R&D) — $69.7 billion. The total is $25 billion less than the Pentagon asked lawmakers to approve for modernization in 2012. That’s a decline of 12 percent.



Pardo probed US reaction to unilateral Iran strike — Jerusalem Post

IDF to ground warplanes, freeze Iron Dome production over budget woes — Haaretz

Russia Dock Fire Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads – Newspaper — RIA Novosti

Pakistani Navy to Develop Nuclear-Powered Submarines: Reports — Defense News

Britain’s Military top brass being protected from cuts, Labour says — The Guardian

Scandal as MoD reveal that Harriers were still being upgraded when they were sold for parts to the US — Daily Mail

Russia to Increase Number of 5G Fighters in Test Flights — RIA Novosti

Boeing Refines Plans For Korea — Ares/Aviation Week

Saudi Arabia, Boeing Strike Deal for 36 AH-6i
— Defense News

Brazil’s Rousseff leaning strongly towards Rafale
— Ares/Aviation Week

Brazil jets deal heats up as Boeing freezes bid
— Reuters

Italy widely expected to scale back F-35 orders — Reuters

Italy F-35 Cuts Announcement Possible This Week — Defense News

U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf — Yahoo News/Reuters

China develops sub-launched long-range N-missile — Tribune India

U.S. Navy unit relocates to Kyrgyzstan
— Dvids

US gambles on special forces in Afghanistan strategy — Yahoo News.AFP

US Admiral Says Forces Prepared to Confront Iran —

10 Ships for U.S. Navy in New Budget — Defense News

Navy Fires USS Cowpens CO —

9 years after leaving Army, veteran mistakenly declared AWOL is arrested, jailed — Stars and Stripes

Schools on military bases could close under defense cuts — USA Today

Going green is the US Navy’s goal at Guantanamo — Stars and Stripes

A cyber risk to the U.S. — Washington Post editorial

How U.S.’ Top Killers Became Its Top (Unaccountable) Spies — Danger Room