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U.S. Armed Services Committee Backs An East Coast Missile Defense Site Over Democrat And Pentagon Objections

May 10, 2012

Armed Services Panel Backs East Coast Missile Defense Site — Defcon Hill

The House Armed Services Committee rejected Democratic attempts Wednesday to kill a proposal for a new East Coast missile defense site.

The committee defeated an amendment from Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) that would have stripped the provision from the Defense authorization bill 28-33 on a near party-line vote. Two Republicans, Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and Chris Gibson (R-N.Y.), joined Democrats to back the measure.

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Update: House Republicans OK $5 billion antimissile site —

My Comment: I will be surprised if this project is implemented. This missile defense site will cost billions of dollars to implement …. and regardless of the merits of the program …. in an era of trillion dollar deficits the priorities are elsewhere.