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Russian Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads When Dock Fire Broke Out

February 14, 2012

The Yekaterinburg sub was being repaired when it was hit by a huge fire in December. © REUTERS/ Andrei Pronin
Russia Dock Fire Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads – Newspaper — RIA Novosti

A Russian nuclear submarine which caught fire during repairs in the Arctic in December had its nuclear-tipped missiles and other weapons on board, the newspaper Kommersant Vlast reported on Monday.

The Yekaterinburg submarine was being repaired in a dry dock outside the north-western city of Murmansk when wooden scaffolding next to it caught fire and the flames spread to the craft on December 29. Nobody was killed in the blaze which raged on for hours.

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More News On The Russian Dock Fire Submarine Having Nuclear Warheads Onboard

Report: Russian sub had nukes during December fire
— Kansas City/AP
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Criminal case opened in Russian sub fire — UPI

My Comment: Who to believe …. Russian officials or an independent newspaper. Welcome to the world of Russian secrets and obfuscation.