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British Nuclear Submarine Sent To Falklands In Show Of Strength

May 20, 2012
HMS Talent. Wikipedia


British Nuclear Submarine Sent To Falklands In Show Of Strength As Tensions Rise Ahead Of 30th Anniversary Of Conflict — The Daily Mail

A fearsome Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine is on its way to the Falklands as tensions simmer on the 30th anniversary of Britain’s war with Argentina.

HMS Talent, armed with Tomahawk missiles, was despatched in a show of power after Argentina increased friction over the disputed islands with a host of inflammatory stunts.

The Trafalgar-class ‘hunter-killer’ vessel arrived in secrecy at a port in South Africa this week.


My Comment: Argentina does not have the military resources to “take on” the British garrison in the Falklands. This British sub’s presence is to just show the flag.


Why The Argentine President Is Focused On The Falklands

February 12, 2012

Image: Santa Cruz in Argentina and Falkland (Wikipedia)

The Argentine President And Her Empire In The South — The Telegraph

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has been quick to accuse Britain of ‘imperialism’. But, as Ian Mount and Philip Sherwell write, she has been creating a rather impressive empire of her own.

She succeeded him as president in 2007, has worn more than 200 different black outfits in the 15 months since his death and is now enthusiastically championing his campaign to claim the Falklands as Argentine territory.

As Cristina Kirchner aggressively pursues her late husband Nestor’s political legacy over the islands, she dispatched her foreign minister to the United Nations on Friday to complain that it is Britain that is “militarising” the South Atlantic, 30 years after Argentina invaded the territory.

But Mrs Kirchner is also building on another dynastic inheritance – the fortune that the duo amassed as they worked their way up Argentina’s political ladder with a ruthlessness, panache and ambition that earned comparisons to a modern-day Eva and Juan Peron.

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My Comment: Sighhh … it always comes down to the money.

One More Reason Why Argentina Is Eyeing The Falklands

February 12, 2012

Falklands Oilfields Could Yield $176bn Tax Windfall — The Telegraph

The Falkland Islands stand to benefit from an enormous $176bn (£111.7bn) tax windfall from oil and gas exploration, according to a major new report.

A study to be handed to the UK Government this week will lay bare the potential riches on offer from drilling in waters within the 200-mile exclusion zone set up during the 1980s Falklands War to mark the boundaries of British territory.

A group of UK-listed companies is involved in exploring four major prospects this year, with the largest, Loligo, potentially holding more than 4.7bn barrels of oil. By comparison Catcher, the biggest discovery in the North Sea of the past 11 years, is believed to hold only 300m barrels.


My Comment: With estimated total reserves at billions of barrels (if not more) …. worth hundreds of billions (if not more), one can see why Argentina with its budget deficits and financial problems are jumping. As for the Falkland Islanders, oil is going to transform that community big time.