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Is Britain Vulnerable To An E-Bomb Attack?

May 15, 2012
A Russian Topol-12M mobile nuclear missile. In the worst case scenario, a nuclear missile could be fired in to space that would release a pulse large enough to paralyse Britain’s infrastructure, defence experts will warn today. Photo: REUTERS


Britain Vulnerable To E-Bomb Attack, Experts To Warn — The Telegraph

Britain needs to spend money on building defences against an “E-bomb” that would explode in the upper atmosphere and knock out all electronic communication and power, the Defence Secretary will say today.

Phillip Hammond will tell a conference that money needs to be spent on defences that “cannot be seen on the parade ground.”

Dependence on electronic networks “creates vulnerability” he will say, adding that the response cannot be based on “infantry, or jet planes or destroyers.”

There is an increasing possibility that a rogue state could use an “E-bomb” that would release a devastating electromagnetic pulse (EMP), experts will tell a two-day conference in London.

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My Comment: Britain has other more pressing concerns to spend money on than spending money (that they do not have) on a threat that may (or may not) exist.

Update: Electromagnetic pulses in history — The Telegraph