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The Traitor Of Pearl Harbor

May 29, 2012

Photo: William Forbes-Sempill

The Traitor Of Pearl Harbor — New York Post

New documentary reveals treachery of a British lord

In August 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin Roosevelt held a top secret meeting on the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales to discuss military matters, including America’s then-top-secret assistance of the British battle against Germany.

Later that month, British codebreakers intercepted a communique from the Japanese with an exact, detailed account of that meeting. While the news stunned the British leader, even worse was the revelation that one of the men who passed the information along was not only a longtime Churchill associate, but a highly regarded member of the House of Lords.


My Comment: The special care that was given to this traitor by the British government upon learning about his treachery is a surprise …. he shown have been thrown into jail for a very long time. I guess there are still some secrets about World War II that they are not prepared to reveal to us (yet).